GDPR Practitioner Services


Our Practitioners are able to offer your school training on basic data protection and cybersecurity. This training is  aimed to be accessible for all staff. The information and awareness is geared towards anyone who frequently uses and stores any personal data and ensures all staff know the basics of data protection and how to secure the data they access.

The training will clarify what is considered to constitute personal data, how we need to adapt our behaviours regarding how we access and store it to ensure it is protected.  It also covers the following:

  • A general overview of data protection and GDPR
  • Potential risks to data
  • Precautions around sending emails
  • Protecting portable disks
  • Physical data security 
  • Recognising ‘phishing’ and other types of fraud
  • Securing ourselves against malware
  • How to make a strong password
  • How social media can mine our data.

All schools which book the training will receive an electronically written summary of the advice.